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Repris Wines

International Sauvignon Blanc Day Offer

For International Sauvignon Blanc Day, we’re pleased to offer you our current release Sauvignon Blanc along with a selection of some of our other springtime favorites, including wines from Pangloss Cellars and Texture Wines, part of our collection of wineries.

2022Sauvignon Blanc

2022Mélange BlancRhône Blend

2020Mélange RougeRhône Blend


Repris Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Texture 2019 Blanc de Noirs 

Texture 2019 Ferrington Pinot Noir 

Texture 2018 Wendling Pinot Noir 

Pangloss Cellars Brut Rosé 

Pangloss Cellars 2021 Chardonnay 

Pangloss Cellars 2021 Sangiovese 

Pangloss Cellars 2021 Pinot Noir