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Texture 2018 Wendling Pinot Noir 

It takes a certain audacity to farm the Wendling Vineyard. This isolated coastal frontier demands the daring and determination possessed by only the bravest and most resolute viticulturists. Like most pioneer ventures, Wendling is a true risk-reward gamble. Besides the inherent challenges of farming its steep hillsides by hand where machines cannot reach, the climate is chilly and unpredictable. This necessitates extended hang time for the Pinot Noir to fully ripen, which in turn exposes the fruit to more potentially inclement weather. Berries are small, as are yields. Yet the reward is unmistakable: exquisite structure to rival classic Burgundy. 

Under the capable hands of owner and vineyard manager Paul Ardzrooni, Wendling is a paradise for Pinot Noir, with a unique environment that creates nuanced wines with layers of flavor. Put simply, the Pinot Noir grown at Wendling is unlike anything in the New World and is forging its rightful place among its Burgundian counterparts. Few winemakers enjoy access to this pristine fruit, and we are honored to be among them.