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Classic, Minimalist Winemaking Techniques

Repris wines are handcrafted by winemaker Erich Bradley to communicate site and vintage specificity using classic minimalist winemaking techniques. Erich’s goal is to coax nuance and subtlety out of powerful mountain-grown grapes to produce balanced, textured wines that honor their origins.

Clusters are picked by hand before sunrise, then gently transported the short distance to the winery where they are meticulously hand sorted, berry by berry. Each lot is then fermented separately in a combination of small open- and closed-top fermenters. Punch-downs and pump-overs are performed manually up to four times per day.

Erich aims to balance the natural intensity of our mountain fruit with nuanced elegance informed by his passion for Old World wines. His “low and slow” philosophy achieves this through longer skin contact at lower temperatures. This gentle fermentation enables Repris wines to lock in the characteristic freshness enabled by the cooling influence of the Petaluma Gap and San Pablo Bay.