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Shaped By Volcanic Forces

Moon Mountain Vineyard encompasses roughly 70 acres of vines, planted predominately to Bordeaux and Rhône varieties.

Chiseled into the steep, rugged slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains high above the town of Sonoma, our vineyard is defined by its severity. The different blocks span elevations from 1,000–1,800 feet above sea level, and enjoy abundant southwestern exposure that promotes full daytime ripening. At the same time, proximity to the Petaluma Gap and San Pablo Bay allows the vines to benefit from nighttime cooling influences, which are critically important for acid retention.

In September and October, as red varieties are completing their ripening curve, warm offshore Diablo winds help to polymerize tannins, resulting in smoother wines with well-integrated structure.

Shallow topsoils provide only a thin veneer over the rocky outcroppings of the so-called Sonoma Volcanics, a thick layer of alternating flows of andesite, basalt and volcanic tuffs over 1,000 feet deep, which erupted onto the landscape more than three million years ago. At least six distinctive volcanic soils underpin the 49 unique vineyard blocks of Moon Mountain Vineyard, providing a rich diversity of nutrients for the deep-rooted vines.