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A Multi-Generational Approach

We believe the best wineries in the world are guided by a multi-generational mindset. Moon Mountain Vineyard has been farmed organically since 1997 by acclaimed Sonoma viticulturist Phil Coturri, and secured its CCOF certification in January 2002. As such, Moon Mountain Vineyard stands as a pioneer in organic wine grape farming going back more than 25 years.

Under Phil’s expert management, all farming operations are executed with meticulous precision. Cover crops are carefully selected to enrich soil fertility, minimize erosion, control weeds and promote biodiversity without artificial inputs.

Native plants, insectaries, orchards and gardens planted on the property foster healthy populations of beneficial insects, reptiles and birds. Several hundred acres of the estate are set aside as native habitat so the larger ecosystem can flourish, including with natural predators that control pests. The healthy soils developed through regenerative farming practices have created extraordinary vine strength for such a high-elevation, steeply sloped site.